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Live Long & Prosper Rejuvenation Event

November 3rd 5:30pm-7:30pm Sage Clinic

Join us for an evening exploring the latest in rejuvenating treatments!
Whether you're looking to feel physically better, just want some extra energy or want to restore your youthful appearance, our special event has something for you.
RSVP to the 'Live Long & Prosper' Rejuvenation Event, Thursday, November 3rd, 2022 from 5:30pm to 7:30pm. Tickets to this free event include free wine tasting (we’ll have bubbles) and light snacks.
We will be demonstrating and discussing four incredible therapies:
  1. Hair rejuvenation and restoration with natural PRP.
  2. High-dose IV Vitamins for incredible health and wellness benefits.
  3. Cynosure Potenza Micro-needling Radio-Frequency - a new technology which works to significantly smooth and tighten skin.
  4. Regenerative Joint Injections to restore inflammation and restore function.
We will be offering several free giveaways during the evening, including: a 'Wellness' vitamin package, a 'Health &  Rejuvenation' IV Vitamin package, and our Grand Prize: a full-Potenza micro-needling session with PRP for the face or neck.
During the evening we will also be offering a significant discount on our Hair Rejuvenation and Potenza packages, with bonuses available for our IV packages, which will only be available during our event!
You’ll also meet our new physician, Dr. Samantha Pfeiffer, ND, who specializes in natural hormone therapy management and metabolic detoxification. She's amazing, and we are so excited to have her at the clinic!
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