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Are you trying to lose weight? With so many diet fads and weight loss plans available, it can be hard and even overwhelming to find a program that works for you. At Sage Integrative Medicine Clinic in Edmonds, we offer a treatment plan that will curb your appetite and make it easier to eat less. Not only that, but we also offer counseling in conjunction with your diet and lifestyle to help you reach your weight loss goals and maintain them. Get in touch with us at Sage Med Clinic today to learn more.


Why Choose Sage Med Clinic?

  • Get the support you need to lose weight
  • Work with qualified professionals
  • Maintain your optimal weight
  • Learn how to develop a healthy lifestyle
  • Lose weight safely and naturally

Try the HCG Diet for Safe and Natural Weight Loss

The HCG diet is a medically-supervised weight-loss program, in use since the 1970’s. Using small doses of HCG hormone to suppress your appetite and increase your metabolism, it enables you to easily maintain a healthy 500 calorie diet.

Our approach to the diet reflects Dr. Oz’s medical team’s approach, in that we vary the dosing of HCG during the diet to adjust for optimal weight loss and appetite suppression.

Maintain Your Optimal Weight

After HCG, our team at Sage Med Clinic in Edmonds will counsel you on nutrition and the benefits of a healthy diet. This will enable you to adapt eating habits to best accommodate your new weight.

This will include education in nutrition and helping you establish meal strategies. We can also direct you to resources for assistance with menu planning and meal preparation.


Support & Encouragement

Weight loss is easier when you have a supportive team in your corner.


Safe & Natural

Avoid the use of toxic drugs or invasive procedures to lose weight.


Appetite Control

It’s easier to eat less and lose up to a pound a day!


Detox Programs

Rid your body of toxins that have built up over time.

Develop a Healthy Lifestyle

There are many components that contribute to a healthy body. The proper weight is only one of them. While it is the cornerstone, other important elements include regular exercise, eating a healthy diet, and dealing with stress.

Our weight loss treatment at Sage Med Clinic includes extensive assistance in these other aspects of a healthy lifestyle. You will receive training and guidance in different forms of exercise and strategies in dealing with the stresses that come with everyday life.

Toxin Detoxification

Depending on your health goals, we offer various detox programs. These programs will help to rid the body of the toxins that have built up from chemical and environmental toxin exposure.

We offer natural detox programs ranging from doing a strictly fruit/vegetable juicing fast of various lengths (1 day, 3 day, 5 day), or a very “clean” diet heavy in whole foods with no processed foods or sugar, combined with supplemental support.

Take the Next Step Toward Losing Weight with Sage Integrative Medicine Clinic

You don’t need to struggle with weight loss any longer. If you’re serious about losing those unwanted pounds, give us a call at Sage Med Clinic in Edmonds today. We’re ready to give you the support and direction that you need to lose weight and keep it off for good. With the help of our HCG treatment plan, diet and lifestyle counsel, and detox programs, we’ll do everything we can to help you reach your goals and start living a healthier, happier life! Call today to make an appointment.

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