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The doctors we have on staff are trained primary care naturopathic physicians. This enables you to have access to all the options available in medicine today, the acute care you would receive from your traditional primary care, as well as natural options for your optimal long-term wellness.

Dr. Angila Jaeggli. ND

Dr. Jaeggli graduated with her Doctorate in Naturopathic Medicine from Bastyr University in Seattle, WA. She completed her residency through Bastyr University, with rotations at Harborview Medical Center, University of Washington and Virginia Mason Hospitals in Seattle, WA., with concentrations in women’s health, cardiology, orthopedic medicine, geriatrics and family medicine.

Dr. Jaeggli is co-author with Dr. David Kiefer, MD of ‘1000 Cures,’ a book which highlights primary care, botanical medicine, homeopathy, and clinical nutrition, and has published articles in the magazines of Alternative Medicine, Natural Health and Natural Health Merchandiser. She was also adjunct faculty at Bastyr University in Seattle for many years. Dr. Jaeggli specializes in family practice, chronic illness, environmental medicine (including heavy metal chelation), IV Nutrition Therapy, ozone and weight-loss therapies.


Dr. Anastasia Jones, ND

Dr. Anastasia is a Licensed Naturopathic Physician with a Doctorate from Bastyr University and over two decades of experience working in the fields of Holistic Wellness, Integrative Medicine and Women’s Health.  As a Functional Medicine practitioner, she works closely with each patient to identify the root cause of their health challenges then co-create a custom and evolving blueprint to regain optimal health. 

In addition to practicing Primary Care Medicine, she works with numerous acute and chronic conditions, and has a special interest in Thyroid and Autoimmune Disease, Hormonal Imbalance, Fibromyalgia, Cognitive and Neurodegenerative Disorders.   To her, the word “Integrative” is not just about combining the best evidence-based aspects of conventional and alternative medicine but addressing disease from a Body, Mind, and Spirit perspective to restore harmony.

Dr. Anastasia whole heartedley believes the practitioner-client relationship is sacred and is honored to guide people on their healing journey. When she is not at Sage Integrative Medicine Clinic or poring over nerdy research articles she enjoys all things outdoors, gardening, hanging out with loved ones, and meandering around Seattle on her bicycle.


Leah Johnson-Anderson, M.M.Q. (China)

Master of Medical Qigong Therapy I.I.M.Q.

Since 2003, she has worked in the field of Chinese Energy Medicine. And she also brings 20+ years of experience working with children with ADHD and Autism.

A doctoral candidate in Medical Qigong, Leah has helped many patients with chronic pain, internal digestive problems, hypertension, and anxiety to reduce physical, emotional, and spiritual suffering by offering a variety of natural and alternative healing modalities. Methods may include energy healing sessions, Medical Qigong prescription exercises, meditations, and education on body-mind health awareness.

Using Traditional Chinese Medicine, based on the Yin, Yang and Five Element Theory, these approaches have allowed her patients to experience dramatic results in pain reduction within a few weeks. Leah’s approach educates and empowers her patients to enhance their natural healing abilities through greater mind-body awareness with grace, love, acceptance, and forgiveness.

Treatments for children include Medical Qigong exercises, meditations, brain balancing Jing Point therapy and homework. These techniques assist children to develop clarity, awareness, attention, self-confidence and reduce stress and feel calmer. Using her well-honed healing gifts and talents to bring lasting relief and a wonderful quality of life to all. It’s her joy and privilege to light the healing path for others to enjoy the same benefits. Leah is currently welcoming new patients to this healing space.


Dr. Kalin Suzuki, ND

Dr. Kalin Suzuki is a licensed naturopathic doctor, who earned her degree from Bastyr University. She is a trained primary care provider with a special interest in women’s health and digestive wellness.  Other specialty services that she offers include nutrient IV therapy, Kinesio taping, trigger point injection, botanical medicine, and diet and lifestyle counseling.

Dr. Suzuki takes an integrative approach to treating illness, utilizing both natural and conventional approaches to obtain the safest and most effective outcome. Her philosophy of practicing medicine is to educate her patients on their health and empowering them to make informed health choices.

We offer a free 15-minute consult, if you’d like to meet Dr. Suzuki in person to see if she is the perfect fit for your path to wellness and optimal health, give us a call today, or email:


Lorna Lovett, Phlebotomist