A Novel Exciting Approach to Chronic Fatigue

Are you suffering from Chronic Fatigue? 
Did you know that:

  • Chronic fatigue syndrome is associated with mitochondrial dysfunction which leads to an inefficiency in ATP production in our cells. Mitochondria are found inside our body’s cells and are considered the “power houses” that give us energy by breaking down the molecule ATP.
  • Chronic fatigue syndrome is strongly associated with reactivation of Epstein Barr virus (chronic mono)
  • Chronic fatigue syndrome and fibromyalgia often go hand in hand. Many of those with chronic fatigue are often in a lot of chronic pain.



How Ozone Therapy can help!

  1. Energizes your body’s cells to increase ATP production. ATP is the main molecule responsible for energy of our cells. A currency of sorts; the more ATP you have the richer in energy you are! When your body breaks down ATP, you release ENERGY! The more ATP you have, the more there is to break down and thus the more release of ENERGY!
  2. Destroys viruses, bacteria, and fungus while activating your immune system. Chronic infections can wreck havoc on your immune system and leave you feeling depleted and fatigued. By taking care of any underlying infection with ozone therapy, your body’s resources can be used for other things such as healing and energy production! Ozone therapy also increases antioxidants in our body.
  3. Repairs joint damage and relieves pain. Ozone helps to regenerate structures in your joints and decrease chronic pain. Ozone can be administered systemically, or injected directly into joints to regenerate damaged or arthritic joints!

What is ozone?
Ozone is three oxygen molecules bound together and is naturally occurring in our environment. Released when lightening strikes, and used industrially to disinfect water, it also has incredible healing properties when administered correctly as a treatment for various health conditions.

How the treatment works:
You will be hooked up to an IV of saline and a small amount of blood thinner. Some of your blood will then be drawn out and injected into the IV bag of saline, mixed with the ozone, and then reinfused back into your vein. The procedure takes about 15-20 minutes.

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