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How to Use Meditation for Healing & Happiness

Today, I love meditation…but I haven’t always loved it. In the past, it felt like another time-eating activity, with little real benefit. Then something changed. I kept hearing from the leaders in medicine and business that I respected – Dr. Paul Anderson, Dr. Mark Hyman, Vishen Lashanki, Dr. Joe Dispensa, Tim Ferris – that it…

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10 Lab Tests You Need If You Are Feeling Depressed

Read this before taking antidepressants or if you are already taking them. Have you seen your doctor with a list of symptoms, some perhaps vague, that include fatigue, brain fog, weight gain, sleep issues, lack of libido and been told something like:  “There is nothing wrong with you; you are just depressed”.   This is often…

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Ozone Therapy is an almost ‘magical’ sounding treatment that most people haven’t ever heard of. Which needs to change because Ozone Therapy can help improve so many conditions including inflammation, infection, gut health, athletic performance, brain function and more! Tune in and learn about the top 5 ways Ozone can help heal our bodies. Want…

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A Functional Medicine Approach to Hashimoto’s Disease

It is estimated that over 14 million Americans have been diagnosed with Hashimoto’s disease, one of the leading causes of Low Thyroid function, and yet this number is only a small fraction of those who actually have the disease.      Are you one of these people who experience symptoms including extreme fatigue, weight gain…

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A Novel Exciting Approach to Chronic Fatigue

Are you suffering from Chronic Fatigue?  Did you know that: Chronic fatigue syndrome is associated with mitochondrial dysfunction which leads to an inefficiency in ATP production in our cells. Mitochondria are found inside our body’s cells and are considered the “power houses” that give us energy by breaking down the molecule ATP. Chronic fatigue syndrome is strongly associated with…

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