How to Treat Toxic Mold: PART 3

Mold specific treatments

As mycotoxins can hide in recesses of the sinuses and gut both of these areas need to be treated. Treatments we have found to work effectively include: 

  • Compounded nasal sprays with direct antifungals and compounds to help break down biofilms are another defense mechanism of many biotoxins. 
  • Oral antifungals: 
    • Herbal Options such as Artemesin, Pau d’Arco, Caprylic Acid, Oil of Oregano, Black Walnut, Neem  and many others. 
    • Pharmaceuticals such as Fluconazole or Amphotericin B
    • Biofilm disruptors such as proteolytic enzymes and EDTA

Dietary Approaches

In addition to a diet that supports detoxification, we recommend a diet low in sugar, processed foods and chemicals. Certain dietary guidelines may be indicated based on a person’s symptoms and labs. This may include:

  • Low Histamine Diet: Mold can activate mast cells leading to MCAS, excessive histamine and a host of symptoms. A low histamine diet will help minimize these symptoms. Focus on fresh foods, no processed or left over reheated meats, tomatoes , alcohol, fermented foods, aged cheeses, and vinegars among others.
  • Anti Candida/ anti fungal diet:  Mold and yeast are closely related and food that supports the proliferation of candida can trigger symptoms. These are sugar, refined carbohydrates, many fruits, anything made with yeast, alcohol, vinegars, starchy vegetables such as carrots or beets. 

As practitioners, we of course help a patient identify the best dietary guidelines for them as an individual to alleviate stress or confusion. 

I.V. Therapies

Though many patients respond to the basic treatments listed above we do offer options that provide a higher level of intervention, especially for those chronically ill patients whose symptoms are multisystemic. 

A few of our favorites include: 

  • IV Alpha LIpoic Acid- this is truly phenomenal as it helps detoxify through biotransformation of the toxins, is a major antioxidant and is very neuroprotective as it crosses the blood brain barrier. Patients often feel a noticeable difference after even a short series. 
  • IV Phostphatidyl Choline:  All cell membranes of our bodies are made up of phospholipids. Choline is a critical component of these phospholipids particularly in our brain, nervous system, and liver.  Many people do not absorb or assimilate choline well and IV PC is a great way to provide higher doses needed to replenish cell membranes that support cellular function, detoxification, and cell signalling. 
  • Nutrient IVs: Therapeutic doses of Vitamin C, B vitamins,and minerals are readily available in this form by passing an often compromised GI tract to once again provide cellular support to heal and regenerate. 
  • IV Glutathione: This is one of our favorites as it is both a major antioxidant and supports liver detoxification. Though it is available in oral forms, an IV push allows greater serum and cellular levels to be attained and this is a molecule that is rapidly depleted when there is toxin overload. 

We would love to create a personalized plan for you for your health and wellness journey! Please reach out if you have questions or want to share your story!

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