9 Tips For a Spring Detox

It’s common to do a spring clean for our home. After a long dark winter we want to open all the windows, dust out all the cobwebs, and let the fresh air in.  
Why not do the same for your body?
During the winter months it’s easy to eat heavier foods and exercise less.
Which is why the spring is a perfect time to lighten up and shed some of that those toxins that have hibernated in our cells over the winter.
There’s many reasons for a cleanse: increase your energy, shed a few pounds, or get your brain firing on all cylinders. The key is to decrease the amount of toxins coming in while ramping up the amount going out.
All the avenues of detoxification need support: Liver, kidneys, skin, lungs, and colon. The following tips can guide you into feeling great.
9 Naturopathic Tips For a Spring Detox & Holistic Cleanse

Although we cannot control everything we’re exposed to we CAN control what we put in our mouth.  
For 7 to 30 days ELIMINATE the following: All Processed Foods (if it comes in a package and has a lengthy ingredient list it needs to go!), All Gluten and any refined Grains/Flours, All Sugar and artificial sweeteners as well, Alcohol,  Dairy, and non – organic and processed meats. Some people will also remove all grains, meats, and legumes as well.
Fresh fruits and Veggies, Sweet Potatoes, Nuts and Seeds, Good quality fats like Avocado and Coconut Milk, and high Omega Fish like Wild Salmon. Some of the best cleansing and rejuvenating  nutrient dense foods include: Beets, Dark Leafy Greens, Cruciferous vegetables like Broccoli and Cauliflower, Dark berries like Wild Blueberries and Blackberries.
3) Drink Lots of WATER
Clean, filtered water-  if you think you are drinking enough – drink more! Add lemon juice or a splash of apple cider vinegar to help stimulate digestion and the detox process.
Once toxins are released from storage in the liver and cells  they need a way out. Good soluble and insoluble fiber helps bind those toxins and remove them though regular bowel movements. If you have sluggish digestion or constipation – the toxins can get reabsorbed. Consuming lots of raw veggies and fruit isn’t enough. You need to add more fiber such as acacia, flax meal, pectin or a combination fiber supplement.
5) Dry skin brushing
This technique is easy and quite pleasant and will get your lymph (the sewer system of our body) moving.  Using a natural brush gently stroke your skin in long motions moving toward the heart. I have people do this while listening to a nice meditation and deep breathing.
6) SAUNA or hot epsom salt baths
At SAGE we love our Infrared Sauna but steam or dry saunas are great as well. 15-20 minutes 3 times per week a great starting place. If you do not have easy access  to a sauna try a warm bath filled with epsom salt and cleansing essential oils such as juniper, peppermint, or frankincense. After your soak wrap up and sweat for 30 minutes to open up those pores and draw out the toxins.
You want additional liver and lymph support. Some excellent ones  are dandelion root, burdock, nettle, chickweed, and garlic.
There are some great pre made teas available and several cups per day are recommended to support. Bitters such as gentian and angelica  stimulate bile which is also important not only in fat digestion but in binding toxins such as heavy metals and pesticides.
Supplements that are great to increase those Phase I and Phase II liver pathways include NAC, turmeric, DIM, molybdenum, selenium and methionine.   Combination formulas often work great to support both pathways.
Depending on your fitness level this can be your usual routine or if you’ve also been sedentary through the winter start light with about a ½ hour of brisk walking. Moving your body will move your lymph, get you breathing deeply, and hopefully help you break just a little bit of a sweat.
Toxins come in many forms and stress is big one. Add daily  meditation with deep breathing: to exhale carbon dioxide and toxic thoughts and stuck emotions simultaneously.
Turn off the news and limit exposure to place and people that are toxic. Instead turn on some nice calming music or put on a guided meditation or uplifting podcast. Vagal reset or box breathing can help guide you into a parasympathetic (rest and digest) state.
BONUS OPTION: Once the good stuff is in place and the not so good stuff is out- you may consider doing a fast or semi-fast mid way through for a few days. This can be as simple as doing herbals teas and water. I like to add bone broth to get a little bit of protein and gut healing collagen.
Finally remember to be gentle with yourself. There isn’t one perfect cleanse and the first few days of detox can be hard.
Here’s the good news…if you persevere, you will likely feel so amazing  the rest of the cleanse will be easy.
If you want a personalized plan that incorporates these 9 tips make an appointment for a consult by calling the front desk.
Our expert doctor team will build you a detox plan based on your state of health, genetic conditions and desired results.
We’ll support you with ongoing testing and plan modifications…plus we can accelerate progress with treatments like Ozone Therapy, Nutrient IV Therapy, and Infrared Sauna sessions.
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Dr. Anastasia Jones