Is The Weed Killer Round Up Making You Sick?

As a mom, I’m always worried about the toxins our children could accidentally get exposed to…

One of the most common and dangerous environmental toxins is the popular weed killer Round Up.

It could actually be sabotaging the health and wellness of you and your family (children are especially vulnerable).

Recently I discovered research that linked the main chemical found in Round Up (as well as GMO foods) to severe health impacts in adults and children.

I wanted to share what I learned in the above video so people understand how dangerous Glyphosate is, how to avoid ingesting it via food or absorbing it through the skin, and what to do if long term exposure has occurred.

Dr. Angila

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  1. Shellie Lee on April 27, 2019 at 8:50 am

    My grandparents and father were all diagnosed with cancer relating to chemicals such as Roundup they used while farming. My grandfather had bladder cancer he passed away from a year after being diagnosed, my grandmother had throat, mouth and lung cancer (never smoked a day in her life), she passed away less than a year after the diagnosis and my father is still alive but his cancer was in his spleen and colon. The duster planes would spray early evening and many times you would end up inhaling it as the wind would change course. You never think about these possibilities back then but now information is more readily available on what reality is for these nasty chemicals.