Five Fast Ways Busy Mom’s Can Naturally Boost Energy, Banish Brain Fog & Feel Fantastic

Moms. We start early. We end late. And when most people see us in action, they assume we’ve got super powers, and super energy to go along with it.

But most mom’s are living the well-known maxim, ‘Fake it til’ you make it.’.  Although the ‘make it’ might be everyone eating leftover spaghetti, wearing crumpled clothes from the clean laundry basket, and reading half a book as you quietly read yourself to sleep.

If this is you (and it has been me), I’m here to tell you that there are tools to help us feel like the super moms we are.

Here’s five fast ways you can naturally boost energy, banish brain fog and feel fantastic!

#1 – More B please

Number one of our top five ways is one of the simplest and effective ways to increase our energy. Most people have heard of B12 and its energy-giving properties, but not all Vitamin B12’s are created alike.

Your best choices are two B12 energy powerhouses – Adenosyl B12 and Hydroxy B12. These two types drive energy production, repair and metabolism. HydroxyB12 helps us work on detoxification and energy production. AdenosylB12 assists with carbohydrate metabolism and boosting mitochondrial energy.

You may have heard of the MTHFR mutation, or methylation defects… this relates to evaluating our genetic information to help us understand our energy production and B12 needs, and this is where these B12 vitamins shine… And if you haven’t? That’s ok, it will still help to clear your mind, add some pep to your step, and increase your physical energy.

There is a combination that I love to use at the clinic that is a nasal B-vitamin spray. It’s fast, easy to take and absorbs quickly.

Tip: Start with a low-dose – 1mg per day. If you get a headache, or feel tired, you are likely detoxing, and have a genetic methylation SNP that needs to be identified.

Call us to get your B-Spray and we can also talk about testing options!

#2 – Eliminate, eliminate, eliminate

While many of us would like to put a number of things in this category (dishes, bills, the catbox), starting with an elimination of energy-draining foods can be incredibly helpful to taking another step towards super-mom energy.

Most people have heard of the famed ‘gluten-free’ diet, which seems so common these days – and it might be easy to write it off as fad. Sadly, it’s real. Gluten has a pro-inflammatory element within (called lectins) that stimulates inflammation, and irritates our gut, which then takes energy to repair.

This is also the case with other big food favorites, such as corn, sugar, dairy, egg, and wheat (which contains gluten). And while they are not all high lectin, they are at the top of the most common food allergies that tend to wear people down.

So, do you best and start small, or jump right in with both feet and find replacements for these groups. Be committed for at least 2 weeks of clean eating. You might detox a little within the first 2-4 days, but after this, most people notice that they start and end the day with more energy.

Tip: Once you’ve done your 2 weeks of elimination, you can get more information from your body by ‘testing’  these foods separately at the end. You do this by eating 3 servings in one day (of the food you’re testing), and note how your body feels.

#3 – Nourish Your Adrenal Glands

The adrenal glands are small glands that have a big job. They release a hormone called cortisol which spikes in the morning so we bounce out of bed (um, or roll), stays steady through the day so we can #GSD (Get Stuff Done), and slowly goes down in the evening so we can relax and eventually go to sleep.

For most busy moms, your adrenals cried Uncle and tapped out awhile ago. Just sayin.’

Most moms can remember the good ol’ adrenal days – when you could stay up late, get up for school/work early, heck, even miss sleep, and it was all good. But once you add years of go, go, and more go, they will squeeze out a little cortisol here and there for you to keep putting one foot forward, but they need a little help. This is where one of my favorite herbs comes in, called Rhodiola Rosea.

Rhodiola has been studied extensively, and research shows it will increase cortisol longevity in our body, enhance muscle recovery and repair, and improve mitochondrial function (our cellular energy generators). Overall this means more and better energy for you.

Some people do best with twice a day dosing (morning and noonish) to keep the energy sustained. However, if you are a once a day gal, morning is a fine place to start.

Tip: Curious about your actual cortisol levels? This can be measured, so you have an exact idea of where you need the most support. Check out our cortisol test here.

#4 – Get a super boost of vitamins

Sometimes when you’re tired, and you’re busy, it’s’ hard to get off the wheel and find time to regenerate. I think many mom’s are amazing at extending themselves to help others, but often put themselves at the back of the line. And once your there, crawling your way back to the front is hard.

Everything discussed here is important to consider to help increase energy, but in my years of practice I’ve found that sometimes a therapy with a bigger impact is needed.

One of my favorite of these types of therapies is IV Vitamin Therapy, and in particular, one that focuses on vitamins that supercharge and revive you (see our Boost IV here).

Here are reasons why you might consider IV vitamin therapy, as opposed to just oral vitamins:

  1. You have tried oral vitamins, and your energy is not changing.
  2. You have gut issues (eg, IBS, Crohns,) or leaky gut, and are likely not absorbing your vitamins properly.
  3. You have had chronic fatigue for a long time, and it is not changing with diet, vitamins or exercise.
  4. You have a diagnosed chronic illness (eg, Hashimotos, Fibromyalgia, etc) that is also pulling on your available energy.  I have seen an amazing shift in people who begin IV Vitamin therapy, which tends to happen rather quickly. And many times, it is the boost they need to finally have the energy to make other life shifts happen as well – such as an exercise plan, diet changes, etc.

Tip: If you’re curious about IV Vitamin therapy, check out our special on our super-energy Boost IV here – plus, for a limited time we’re offering 50% off your first treatment.

#5 – Increase Your Quality Sleep

While not the sexiest of energy boosters, improving our sleep can make a enormous difference in our stamina through the day. During sleep, we release growth hormone to repair and rejuvenate. If you’re struggling in this area, there are a couple simple sleep hacks that might make the difference.

One gentle approach is a trial of L-theanine, an amino acid derived from green tea which is calming to the mind, and relaxing to the body. It has also been associated with decreasing anxiety and irritability. A good starting dose is 400mg taken 30 minutes before bed. To help further relax the mind, also try adding a sleep meditation from one of my favorite meditation apps: Insight Timer.

Tip: If quality sleep has been an area that you’ve struggled with for a long time, and you snore or stop breathing during sleep, you should consider talking with your doctor about a sleep study. And know that if you are diagnosed with sleep apnea, there are alternatives to C-pap machines available for some through a qualified ‘sleep dentist.’

Starting with one or two of these energy-boosting tips could make the difference between struggling and taking control of your energy.

If you’re feeling overwhelmed, or would just like guidance on more specific ways you could optimize your energy, we would love to see you!


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