Ozone Therapy is an almost ‘magical’ sounding treatment that most people haven’t ever heard of.

Which needs to change because Ozone Therapy can help improve so many conditions including inflammation, infection, gut health, athletic performance, brain function and more!

Tune in and learn about the top 5 ways Ozone can help heal our bodies.

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Show Notes:

– Welcome, I’m Dr. Angila Jaeggli of Sage Integrative Medicine Clinic, here with my great friend and colleague, Dr. Anastasia Jones, who’s recently joined the Sage team.

– Hey there.

– Today we are super excited to announce the first show of what will be a weekly series on health tips and solutions on optimizing health and wellness. The first topic today is going to be on ozone therapy which I love, and we’re going to explore the top five uses of medical ozone on reducing pain and stimulating regeneration in your body.

– I think that’s a great topic. Pain is something that everybody can relate to, at least I would say most people over 30 or 35 have been affected by pain in some way, whether it’s a sports injury or some kind of a chronic recurrent injury or arthritis.

– Right.

– If it’s anything that’s keeping people from doing the things they love, this is a really good topic.

– Yeah, right agreed. You know, what’s really amazing about ozone is that when we get it into the body and into the joints, the way that it works is that it actually has a pain relieving affect while working on regenerating your cells. So for instance, can actually regenerate cartilage in the joint space, as well as increase antioxidant activity in your body, and within that joint, which speeds healing. So it’s pretty incredible.

– That’s really amazing actually, because it seems like so many things that people do for pain, for pain management, actually just numbs the pain, but the damage continues to happen. So, it’s not actually helping the body to heal itself or repair the way it sounds like ozone does.

– Right, exactly, yeah, and that’s why it’s listed in one of the regenerative therapy or regenerative medicine. Why it’s in that class, even though you can definitely use it for pain. So, launching into number one, number one use for ozone is for knee pain. I would say this is probably one of my favorite joints to actually treat because, it is such a good responder to healing, so the healing of injury, as well as the reduction of pain long-term.

– And that’s actually something that I can totally attest to. So ozone was fairly new to me, and I had heard great things about it, and seen other people have really good results with it. So I had a knee injury last fall, and it just wasn’t getting better, it wasn’t it wasn’t like this major blowout, but it just hurt all the time, and anytime I tried to do anything, and I was kind of worried that I was gonna be, Oh no, I’m one of those people that’s going to have chronic knee issues, one more thing, I’m getting old, yada, yada, and so I finally came in and I got an ozone treatment. And I would say within 48 hours, because I’d tried everything else already, right.

– Yeah, right of course.

– And it helped a lot, but I still just at this point where it just wasn’t completely getting better. Within 48 hours it was pretty good, and I tested it out on a run a couple days later. It was good, and it stayed great for like six months, and then, I had another little tweak. Came in and got a second treatment, and it’s been good ever since. So I’m totally convinced and sold on it.

– Yeah, yeah. It’s incredible. I had that same experience, actually. Different circumstances, ski injury. And within two treatments it was completely resolved, after having pain for months. And this is what I see in people, whether it’s an acute injury, or chronic, from chronic arthritis, chronic long term multiple injuries on the knee. We can get a shift into a place, with most people. I mean of course, nothing is going to work for everyone. Unfortunately, but with most people we can actually get instant, once someone has the treatment, instant reduction of pain. As well as stimulating the regeneration process, which actually continues for months after you have the injections.

– So I know that, for example with like the knee pain, a lot of times it’s just really a localized injection, right into that joint. What if somebody’s got pain throughout their whole body, like both knees, shoulder? That would be a lot of injections.

– Right. Exactly.

– Is there another way to..

– Not many people want that.

– No. So if somebody’s dealing with multiple point, like multiple areas, multiple joints that are inflamed, that are painful or are damaged. Is there a way to address that?

– Absolutely yes. So we can actually do ozone systemically, and it will go to all of the joints, and start working on healing all of the joints. So this is typically our approach, right? So because, as Dr. Anastasia said, we really don’t want to be, most people are not excited about having every single joint in their body injected. So, what we do is several treatments of systemic ozone, and really with that, we can see incredible reduction in pain. And then, there are situations where maybe one particular joint is having a harder time, and we will work on that one joint. And actually I have a great example of a woman who came in with chronic degenerative arthritis. Bad arthritis in every single joint from her neck to her back, her knees, her shoulders, her wrists, her feet..

– That’s terrible.

– Yeah, she was in a lot of pain and on a lot of heavy duty pain medication. And so, within one treatment, she noticed a difference. And anyone has that severe of pain, you’re looking at multiple treatments. But, by treatment three, we were down quite a bit in pain, and by treatment five, she was already working with her pain doctor to reduce her pain medications by half.

– That’s really great. Cause there’s so many people on really heavy duty pain meds that may or may not even be really working any more, but it’s also compromising their quality of life. And so, I’ve had so many people say like they don’t feel like themselves anymore, or people talk about their loved ones, that they’re just not the same on pain meds. And this does not, ozone does not affect people’s function or cognitive ability, their ability to do things.

– Exactly. No side effects like that. And in fact, this is another topic, but ozone can actually improve cognitive function, or functioning of the brain, and thinking, and focus. So you get other benefits beyond your joints, which is pretty cool.

– Yeah, we can talk about that on another show.

– That’ll be another show. But the next area that people struggle with quite a bit is back pain. And there’s another technique for this as well, but we get into working on the muscles around the spine, through a therapy called trigger point, and can also get directly into the back, or the area around the back, with ozone. And we have the same types of effects.

– Yeah, I’ve been doing trigger point on my patients for years, and I just recently added ozone into it. And it is like, just taking it once again to a whole different level.

– Right.

– Like a therapy that was already really, really good and effective. It’s just to see that, just improve the outcomes, just from such a simple addition, it’s really cool.

– Right. That’s a really good point. I mean it really does move it to another level. Yeah, another level of healing. So another area that, so for number four on our list of five, I’ve used it quite a bit also for fibromyalgia. And this is a tricky one.

– Yes it is. It’s a really, really challenging sort of syndrome to work with with people.

– Right.

– There’s so many different causes, and it manifests in so many different ways. And then people get a diagnosis of it, and some people are great, at least I have a diagnosis, but other people just feel really hopeless, because they think there’s not a lot that can be done for it.

– Right. And as you mentioned, there are many factors that go into fibromyalgia, and all of them need to be addressed, like nutrition and inflammation. But, with doing all of these therapies, again it’s almost like a leveling up again. When we add the ozone, all of those processes seem to work so much better. And we get systemic or full body healing, which is pretty incredible to watch. And lastly, our last area of pain that I just wanna touch on, and again this could be a big subject, is actually helping with nerve pain. Which can be quite devastating as well.

– Oh yeah, it’s definitely debilitating for a lot of people.

– Right. And a lot of people experience that, maybe after a shingles outbreak, or having MS, or Multiple Sclerosis, or having some type of herpes outbreak, can leave lasting nerve pain.

– What about diabetic neuropathy?

– Absolutely.

– That’s one that I see in mine as well.

– Right, right. Yes, again you know because of the regeneration aspects, and the antioxidants aspects, we can get a shift there. And it happens typically pretty quickly. So, yeah.

– Is there, so it sounds like a really great option for most people, a lot of people. Is there anyone who wouldn’t be a good candidate for ozone?

– Yes. Fortunately not very many people can’t do ozone, which is great. But we do have to do some screening before we can do the therapy. So the things that we look for are G6PD. I know that sounds like a strange condition, but actually it is extremely rare, but it is something we have to screen for. Through a simple blood test. Then we have to look for elevated iron. If that’s there, that also could be treated, and people can still receive therapy. And then, low platelets.

– Is that cause it’s a blood thinner? Ozone can thin blood a little bit.

– Yeah.

– Which is typically a good thing for most people.

– Yes, yes. Just for a very rare few that.. Yeah, so we check. We do a little bit of blood, and usually all of those are covered by insurance, which is great.

– Yeah, and we’re typically gonna do a basic blood panel on people anyway, when they’re new patients, so it’s not really anything extra out of the norm.

– Right. Exactly, yeah. So.

– It sounds like incredible medicine. I know it is, but I think other people watching this, just to know that there is another option for pain reduction or resolution, instead of like popping a pill that might kind of help them get through the day, is really exciting.

– Yeah, it’s extremely exciting. And of course you know, we love talking about it. We love educating people on ozone, and we’d love to have a conversation with you. We offer free fifteen minute consults, for people that love to come in and just have a conversation if ozone therapy is right for you.

– You can get on the schedule, best thing to do is Sagemedclinic.com. You’ll be able to check out some of the specials we’re offering, some ozone packages.

– Right, right.

– And also get our information to call and schedule a consult.

– Right. Absolutely. Well thank you so much for joining us, and we look forward to seeing you next week.

– We’ll see you soon.

– Thanks.

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