Mold Toxicity Success Stories: Hope, Healing, and Recovery are Possible!

Mold toxicity is no joke. If you’ve been diagnosed, you know it’s a long road to recovery. But today I want to share some stories of hope and success from people who have made it through treatment and are now thriving on the other side.

I’m Dr. Angila and I see many patients struggling with the effects of toxic mold exposure. Living in the rainy Pacific Northwest, it’s very common for people to unknowingly have water damage and mold growing in their homes and workplaces. The first step I recommend is testing TGF-beta 1 levels, which is an indicator of mold toxicity. From there, we can create a treatment plan tailored to your unique needs.

Jessica’s Story
Jessica is a 28 year old who was living in New York when she first got sick. She was working in an old, drafty building with obvious signs of mold. She found a mold specialist who diagnosed her, but eventually had to leave her job due to declining health. After moving home, she came to see me.

Jessica had all the classic symptoms: high TGF-beta 1, low VIP, low glutathione, and positive Marcons test, indicating mold-related bacteria in her sinuses. Her main complaints were shortness of breath, severe fatigue, body aches, and brain fog. As a former athlete, she was alarmed that she could no longer breathe well enough to run or lift weights.

Because Jessica’s symptoms and lab tests showed severe toxicity, we used an intensive combination of treatments over the course of a year: prescription antifungals, herbal antifungals, nasal sprays, high-dose IV vitamin C, and IV ozone/MAH therapy. The ozone in particular seemed to create big improvements in her recovery. Now off all treatments, Jessica is back to full health – working, exercising, and enjoying her life again!

Susan’s Story
Susan, 56, had lived for years in a home with black mold growing inside the basement walls. She was the only family member experiencing health issues like joint pain, fatigue, and malaise. Testing revealed the typical mold toxicity pattern.

Once the moldy home was fully remediated, we focused Susan’s treatment on IV glutathione to gently bind and excrete toxins. We also did some high dose vitamin C and prescription/herbal antifungals. Now off treatments, Susan’s energy has rebounded and her aches are nearly gone. She is so grateful to have her health and vitality back!

Amanda’s Story
For Amanda, mold toxicity was primarily genetic. With only minor exposure at home, she still had high levels of mycotoxins, inflammation, and off-the-charts histamine. She struggled with flushing, itching, hives, fatigue, and body pain.

After a quick home cleanup, Amanda spent a year doing IV glutathione, vitamin C, and ozone therapy. We also used antihistamines and natural histamine-lowering supplements like quercetin. The IV ozone treatments really seemed to turn the tide for Amanda. Now she is maintaining wellness with an at-home ozone water system.

The Road to Recovery
While treatment plans are customized, these stories show common themes: IV therapies to replenish glutathione, ozone’s immune-stimulating benefits, antifungals, nasal sprays, antihistamines, and diet changes. With diligence and the right protocols, those suffering from mold toxicity can regain their health. Don’t lose hope!

If you suspect mold exposure, we can test and create an effective treatment plan just for you. Every case is unique, but full recovery is absolutely possible. These success stories are proof! Please reach out with any questions. We’re here to help you on your road back to wellness.

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Dr. Angila Jaeggli