Movember – The Time to Celebrate Men’s Health

November has become the month to bring awareness to the importance of men’s health and preventative screenings for prostate cancer, testicular cancer, mental and physical health wellness in men. Men, if you are 50 or older, and if you haven’t already this year, this is a great reminder to make an appointment with your doctor to have your annual exam. This would be the year men need to begin their yearly prostate examinations (unless there is a strong family history of prostate cancer, then this exam should start earlier).

Prostate and testicular cancer are much more easily treatable when caught earlier. And preventative screenings are a great opportunity to talk with your doctor about optimizing your health as well, whether it’s diet, addressing low mood, or balancing testosterone levels and energy levels!

Check out our latest video on Boosting Metabolism in Men, where we explore areas such as: optimizing your testosterone levels, how to best boost metabolism with muscle gain, and what nutrients help to burn calories and optimize fat loss.

We would love to create a personalized plan for you for your health and wellness journey! Please reach out if you have questions!

Happy Movember!

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