The Top Five Tips to Boost Your Energy TODAY

Here’s the big issue with low energy….

When you’re feeling low energy, it’s difficult to take the other wellness aspects of your life to the next level.  When you’re tired, it’s hard to work out, hard to eat well, and hard to stay motivated.

I find fatigue to be the number one issue we see in our clinic.

People. Are. Tired. 

Very Tired.

And it may be due to a host of issues in our society that push people hard, and the demand that most people feel to perform. And that life is busy and fast. Whatever the reason, it can be overwhelming for many to take those first steps towards change. But I’m here to tell you, positive energy change can begin without much effort. You can start today. 

The hardest step is to begin.

Start here with these first five steps to better energy:

1) Decide you are ready for change. A real, deep, committed decision that you are ready to move the needle forward for yourself. This can be the hardest part. I AM READY. I am ready because I LOVE MYSELF enough to start. I am ready to start the small actions to initiate change.

2) Write down or list in your mind your strongest WHY you want to have energy. I am ready because I want to have more energy for my children. I am ready because I am overweight and have a strong family history of heart disease, and what to be here for my grandchildren. I am ready because I want to be vital and alive, and live life fully. See the future vision of where you want to be. 

3) Eat less today. Begin by just cutting your portions by 3/4 or half. If you have a choice, pile more vegetables on your plate. If you drink soda or sugar drinks, have only half. Add unsweetened green tea (cold or hot). Stop eating today by 7:30pm. 

When we use less energy to digest food, we often find that the energy is available for other things in our day. We feel lighter. It’s easier to move. This change you’ve made today is a great beginning to exploring other effective energy-boosting diet approaches, such as intermittent fasting (see our free cheatsheet on this on our website here). 

4) Begin a methyl-B12 and methyl-folate sublingual vitamin, 1mg each. These are the core of vitamin energy production in our cells. Most of us have difficulty absorbing vitamins in our gut due to inflammation or leaky gut syndrome. To help bypass this issue, the sublingual version can be absorbed very effectively into the bloodstream. To really take these vitamins to the next level in our bodies, see (our Energy Boost B-shot here). 

5) Go to bed early tonight. At least 30 minutes before your normal bedtime. If you can’t sleep, download the free app, Insight Timer, and choose a stress-relieving, calming meditation or a deep-sleep meditation. There are thousands of free ones to choose from. Get off your phone or computer at least one hour before your bedtime. Do anything else. Stretch. Read. Drink herbal tea. 

Now repeat. Do this every day this week and see how you feel by the end.

Each day review the reasons WHY you are doing this. See the VISION of where you would like to be. If you want to take it a step further, write down your WHY’s in a positive future-form. Such as, “I am making healthy energy choices every day, and my new actions are making me feel healthier and stronger. My kids are amazed at my transformation.” Read this daily. 

When you are ready for a deeper dive into how you can support your body, we are here for you.

We can guide you through other individualized approaches to evaluating what your body needs specifically. Such as, for example, we can measure your adrenal, growth hormone, and vitamin levels; look at your methylation energy issues (MTHFR); and find your food allergies, all which can make people exhausted. 

Many of these things can be tested for, and this is what we love to do. 

Personalized medicine, tailored to your health goals and needs. 

We are here for you! Please reach out if you have questions or would like to schedule a time with us to create your personalized plan.

In health and gratitude, Dr. Angila Jaeggli  

PS. You might also like our free guide on ‘5 Ways to Boost Energy Naturally’ that takes a deeper dive on more ways to improve your energy!

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