Top 6 Naturopathic Wellness Tips for Men’s Health

It’s Men’s Health Month and we’re on a mission to keep guys healthy! On our latest episode of SGTV, we cover our top 6 tips for men’s health this month.
Of course, healthy habits help men stay in better health as they age, but what habits should they be cultivating exactly? Here are our top 6 tips for healthy guy habits.
1st Tip: Men, Take Care of Your Skin!
You probably notice that women’s skin is much smoother than men’s skin, and there is a reason for that. The main reason for this is that men naturally produce about 20% less collagen than women. Men’s skin is much more susceptible to damage and has a higher chance of scarring. This is why it is so important to take care of your skin as a man. Since men are more likely to get a skin condition or have their skin permanently damaged, they need a daily skincare routine to make sure they aren’t risking their good looks.
Of course, wrinkles are part of the aging process, but luckily we can use Potenza RF Microneedling with PRP to dramatically smooth fine lines and wrinkles – gentlemen, trust me, you want to check this out.
2nd Tip: Eat Real Foods
Men are more likely to have unhealthy eating habits than women, and that has serious health consequences. Eating a balanced meal plan that includes a variety of real foods is the best way to stay healthy and avoid chronic diseases. 
We’re huge fans of a paleo or Whole30 approach for building a solid base, then work on creating a realistic and sustainable plan long term. 
3rd Tip: Lift Weights
Regular exercise is one of the best ways to improve overall health and wellbeing. It can reduce the risk of heart disease, stroke, and type 2 diabetes, reduce joint pain and lower the risk of certain cancers. There are many different types of exercise you can do to stay healthy, but it is best to choose something you enjoy. Swimming, jogging, and cycling are all great low-impact exercises that you can do throughout your lifetime with no risks of injury. On the other hand, men can benefit from High Intensity Interval Training too – sprinting, CrossFit, or Bootcamp type workouts are short, yet produce incredible results. 
One of our favorites is Industrious – it’s a functional fitness gym that brings the best of CrossFit with weight training, great coaches, and an amazing experience. 
4th Tip: Take Your Supplements
While eating whole foods is a must for balanced nutrition, most of us will need the support of a few supplements in our daily routine to achieve optimal health. At a minimum, a quality multi-vitamin is a great starter (look for options without food coloring, or titanium dioxide) and that contain methylfolate, not folic acid. Vitamin D3 is also a must for contributing to optimum bone density, brain and cardiovascular health. Healthy Vitamin D3 levels have also been associated with lower risk of many types of cancer long-term. If you are having any gut issues, a quality probiotic can be a lifesaver as well – start with one capsule per day. You are looking for a combination that provides healthy bacteria in the billions and are multi-strain. And lastly, I love the cellular support of an awesome antioxidant like L-glutathione – one of our favorites! This vitamin can enhance clarity, memory, and energy and does an amazing job at helping the body with repair. Beyond this, there are always options to help boost testosterone if needed, or energy – but in this area, I would recommend connecting with an integrative physician to help you create a personalized supplement plan.
5th Tip: Get Tested 
Even the most basic of lab testing can help to ensure that our internal systems are on track, helping to prevent and/or address common issues such as: liver and kidney dysfunction, iron deficiency or overload, B-vitamin deficiency and electrolyte imbalance. We can see these issues even in a simple panel called a CBC and CMP. I always like to go a little deeper and add on these additional tests: Vitamin D3, B-vitamins (homocysteine), TSH (thyroid), Cortisol (adrenals), DHEA (pre-testosterone), and a Free and Total Testosterone, and Total PSA (prostate), Iron total and Saturation, Ferritin (iron stores), HS CRP (inflammation marker). These should ideally be done once per year and can be ordered by your primary care physician. 
6th Tip: Ask For Help 
Men, just like women, experience the ups and downs of life. Some days are harder than others and at times they may feel like they can’t cope with everything on their own. This is perfectly normal and should not be cause for concern. However, if men feel like they are unable to handle certain situations or are lacking in some way, it is important that they seek support. There are many resources available for men who need help. These include support groups, therapy and sometimes medication. It is important for men to reach out for help when there is a problem because this will allow them to take care of themselves better and to live a more fulfilling life. One of the biggest challenges many men face is an inability to ask for help. Men often dismiss their needs as unimportant or non-existent and instead choose to stay strong in the face of adversity. The truth is that no one can be strong all the time, and being able to ask for help whenever you need it will allow you to be more productive and happier overall.
There you have it – our top 6 healthy habits for guys this month! Now that you know what these are, it’s time to put them into action. Every day will be better than the last as you seamlessly integrate these habits into your life. You’ll feel better, look better, and most importantly, you’ll live a happier, healthier life. At the end of the day, it all comes back to prioritizing your health and making sure you are getting the most bang-for-your buck out of your routine. So take the time to sit down and make the necessary adjustments to your current routine to bring it in line with these important tips. The best part is, once you start making these changes you’ll see how easy they are to maintain!
If you need help, want a personalized plan, or have questions, don’t hesitate to book an appointment with one of our amazing doctors!
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Dr. Angila Jaeggli