The Ultimate Guide To Healthy, Beautiful, Acne-Free Skin

This guide will teach you how to have healthy beautiful acne-free skin. It will cover the latest naturopathic breakthroughs for acne treatments and our unique approach to solving this issue. We will also cover other treatment options to restore skin vitality, beauty, and overall appearance.

So what is acne anyway? The word acne is used to describe the lesions on the skin caused by recurring blemishes. The most common cause of acne is when a clogged sebaceous gland becomes infected with bacteria and then produces too much sebum, a waxy oil created by cells in our skin. The excess oil then accumulates under the skin.

But typically, when patients come in with adult acne concerns, the issue is much more complicated.

Acne can be a long-term and often painful problem for many adults. So, when it comes to acne, the issue usually isn’t just with the surface of the skin. In fact, most people who come in with adult acne concerns have deeper issues and are looking for a more holistic approach to healing.

In this episode of Elevate & Thrive you’ll learn exactly how we approach a long-term solution to give the best looking skin possible. Tune in, like, follow, and subscribe!

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Dr. Angila Jaeggli